Hysterectomy – Gillian’s Story

Well what can I say, I had a hysterectomy because of painful periods. It all started with my appendix when I got rushed in a week before Xmas in 2005 when they cut me open and found out I had this condition.It was very frightening. In 2006 I had numerous scans and trips to hospital to see the surgeon, I was taken into hospital where they decided there then to give me an Hysterectomy and in August I had it done.

For a while it was very sore but the best news it will get better and then 6 weeks later you go and see the doctor and ask him for hormone replacement therapy and so you take it and boy oh boy you start to feel like a new woman.

And 6 years later you feel fantastic it is the best thing ever. Why go through the pain and the mess. Have it done, you will feel fantastic.


in my own words book coverNow available on our online store and all other online book store’s. In My Own Words: Women’s Experience of Hysterectomy is full of many other real-life stories from women the world over.

Other people’s stories help women feel less isolated. They show that they aren’t going mad, missing the point or stupid.

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