Hysterectomy after 20 years of bleeding – Stef’s story

Hello, I am 38 and have had a history of PCOS and heavy bleeding since I was 17. I had my first curettage at 17 for heavy bleeding and have been off and on the pill since then. Married at 23 and tried to conceive for 6 years to no avail.

Had fertility treatment in 05 and conceived twins – we were soo excited. But, at 22 weeks they started to come and I was rushed to Wellington hospital and was put in a theatre and told not too move. At 23 weeks i got ill with blood poisoning and the twins were born naturally with no contractions…my little girl was stillborn and my son is now 10!!! an absolute joy.

Anyway since the birth I have struggled with either no periods or bleeding for months on end. Tried numerous different medications to control it and finally after sticking my neck out for years I got put on the waiting list to see a public specialist at the hospital.

I got a letter saying the wait to see a specialist was 6-12 months so I thought no way and went private. After a $300 dollar appointment I was told by the specialist I had a fibroid the size of a 3 months preggas and I needed a hsyt. He put me on horrendous meds to stop the bleeding and he wrote to the hospital and they sent a letter saying they wouldn’t do it because it was not life threatening, so the specialist said he would do it for 15k!!!!

So to cut a long story short I had it done by medical insurance in December 8 days after I put in the claim and felt great for the 1st two weeks. I was admitted back to hospital 16 days later with a vault infection and have had two more since then!!!

Not to discourage anyone but facts are facts and the docs never can tell you how you will be afterwards. Just really look after yourself and make sure you listen to your body. If you need sleep then have sleep, and if you need to cry cry. No one knows you better than yourself and you only know how sick you have been and felt up to the op. But, on a positive note – no more bleeding – Its bliss – goodbye to shares in the pad factory!!!! 🙂

All the best everyone out there who is heading for the big H.


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