Horrible Urinary Tract Infection – Dee’s Story

I guess I have been lucky on the whole compared to a lot of the stories I have read. I went in for a hysterectomy feeling confident that I was in good shape and everything would go according to plan.

Well it did, except for one thing. I could not pass water when I was expected to. I tried every 5 mins and was in agony as it was only the day after the operation. After seven hours it was decided to put the catheter back in. What a relief! The next day the nurse came and took it out again. Again no luck and more agony. This went on another two times. I did not know what to do as I was told that they were being hopeful. Anyway, I went home with a catheter and was fine about it.

I went back after a week to have it removed and it was the worst day of my life. I could pass water but the stinging was getting worse every hour. I was begging for them to do something. By the time the best course of treatment was decided (they were trying to speak to the consultant) I was sent home at 11pm with stronger antibiotics. I felt let down and ready to die. I knew I was in for a painful sleepless night. But was told I needed to let the antibiotics work.

Conclusion: I would take the following before the operation; Uva Ursi is a tincture which helps with UTI’s and also arnica is very good for healing the wounds. But nobody told me about the risk of UTI till I got it. Now it is 5 weeks since and I am on the road to recovery and hope that I can help someone prepare themselves better!


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