Hope – Mary’s Story

I had my operation on the 20/2/13 TAH & BSO plus omental biopsy and peritoneal washing. I am awaiting the results from these (not really clear what these are and why they were undertaken).

I have had problems with my periods most of my life, I suffered from very severe acne as well. I have been experiencing more severe problems over the last 5 years but was told this was anxiety. Not sure how I can look six months pregnant with anxiety but generally I found others to be dismissive. However, I had mood changes, bleeding all the time and this was extremely heavy. After being told nothing was wrong I thought I was loosing it until I was referred to an excellent consultant.

My message would be to others experiencing problems is to have hope and keep going, be persistent. I was assessed had bloods taken and a biopsy and most of all she listened to my story which, after 5 years of knowing there was something wrong was great! Following this I was told I needed a TAH as a preventative measure as results from tests indicated it was potentially developing into cancer (I had displaced cells) not sure exactly what this means.

On the 20th Feb 2013 I had a TAH & BSO & omental biopsy and peritoneal washing (not sure what these mean or why they were done) but awaiting results. I must say the consultant and medical team I have come into contact with for this surgery have been fantastic! The care and consideration has given me back hope. When I knew I needed surgery I tried to ignore it and worked very hard so I would not have to think about it. This was due to fear I think!

As the date got nearer I realised I had to face my fears and read some research that revealed the importance of preparing both physically and mentally for surgery. It informed me that those individuals who prepared had less blood loss, required less pain relief and recovery was easier.

I prepared following reading this by doing more exercise and I listened to a CD to prepare for surgery which helped me relax and prepare me mentally for the surgery. I listened to this for 21 days before surgery and am now listening to the post surgery CD to aid my recovery. I also had two hypnosis sessions prior to the surgery to reduce my stress levels (which worked a treat).

On the day of the surgery my husband was amazed at how I kept calm and just got on with it. The consultant told me I had minimal blood loss, I did not need too much pain relief and my recovery has been positive so far. I really believe that the preparation I did was key here also the medical team made a difficult situation a positive experience. I am up getting on with life, doing gentle exercises getting fresh air and trying to eat well. I still off work and not driving yet but hope to be very soon.

The support of friends & family is wonderful. If I am truthful I am worried about the results of the tests but want to think positively and realise that personal health and happiness is so, so important. My recent experiences have made me value the important things in my life and given me faith in the health care professionals. Reading the stories and information on this site has been very useful to me in understanding my own perspective and others. Thank you!


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