Fitness, the most important factor before my hysterectomy – Vibeke’s Story

My journey of sheer hell started when I was 47 years old. Having had quite light periods all though painful most of my life, my body suddenly turned on me and started bleeding severely. Before I had control and knew when it was coming pretty much to the date, to bleeding ¾ of the month which ranged from spotting to huge clumps of blood coming out and sometimes shooting out of me which really was quite scary.

I went to look into what I could do and it appeared that everyone just thought that having a Hysterectomy was the answer. Having read some horror stories about this I was not ready to travel down this road. It was found that I had huge fibroids (the size of a 14 week pregnancy) so after 3 years of trying the following:

  • A hysteroscopic resection of fibroids
  • Ferrosig Injections (iron)
  • Taking Progesterone tablets (trying to stop the bleeding)
  • Vaginal Progesterone
  • Reading myself confused on what to and what not to eat to shrink the fibroids

It finally came to the crunch when I bleed so much I ended up in hospital for a 4 bag blood transfusion, and was warned that I was sitting on a time bomb. So I was cornered had nowhere to go from here but give in.

So I booked in and being severely claustrophobic regarding hospitals, even visiting, I booked in with only a 1 week warning, as I could not afford to lose any more blood.

At this stage I was a mess severely anaemic and struggled with breathing even walking up some stairs, which in my profession as a Personal Trainer is not a good look. Even though I was not in the best of shape at the end I still had an extremely good base of fitness and insight into my own body and mind, which I knew would be my best tool.

They took my uterus and cervix though an abdominal cut as they could not do it though my belly button as I’d had a few hernias removed. They could not remove it though my vagina as it was too large. They did the big cut and before I went in I reminded the surgeon to be nice as I needed my body for work, and not to make the cut bigger than 12 cm as I had some expensive scare healing patches (Circa-Care) ordered which were no longer than 12 cm.

I woke up after surgery and to be honest the pain was quite severe, although I’m sure anyone that has given birth would not think so (which I had not) however morphine soon helped this out.

I was in hospital for 5 days and on day 1 was walking around the corridors, which I continued to do for longer durations while I was there. When I got home, I got up and walked around every hour and listened to my body when I needed to rest.

Within a week of being home I was walking 3 km which quickly increased to 5 km. Week 4 I went back to work. I am a Personal Trainer and even though I went back to work I obviously did not lift stuff. My clients were great and just happy to have me back barking orders at them as there was obviously nothing wrong with my mouth.

It is now 18 months ago, and I have wanted to write this all down to support others going down this road which for me was very scary. However I really want to reinforce that this was the best thing I could have done and if I knew then what I know now I should have done it a long long time ago. To not have to bleed every month is amazing.

There been no obvious signs of going into menopause than would be considered normal at my age of nearly 52. However, I had some night sweats but they have gone for now and I am taking a product by Fusion called Menopause free which I think may be helping, along with staying healthy eating and exercising.

Besides sharing this story for anyone looking to go down this road, if I could just add if you need to lose weight or increase your fitness this is the best and most important time to do so as that will get you though and out on the other side so much quicker. Please do not hesitate to contact me should I be able to help you with any questions.
Yours in health and sheer happiness of being Uterus free : ) Vibeke


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