Feeling like a women’s health circus act – Elley’s story

For all my menstruating years I have had problems. In my teens I just put it down to hormones and hoped it would settle. In my twenties I tried the pill, it controlled the bleeding cycle but did not control the moods and the flow. In my thirties was when I decided I had had enough and wanted some specialist support.

My GP was amazing and referred me to the consultant. I got a coil fitted, within two days it moved and then we spent 8 months trying to get it out and waiting to be knocked out to remove it and a new one fitted. Over the course of the three years I had the coil in my pain increased as did my bleeding. They removed the coil and wanted to treat me with drug therapy, something I was against. It is worth mentioning that the specialists opinion differed if it was a male consultant or a female.

The female consultants listened, explained any complications and were very honest with me. They explained I was too young and that I would need to be in my forties before they could help. The male consultants were rude, knew what was best for my body, didn’t listen and on more than one occasion brought me to tears.

I fought for two years for something to be done. Last year they gave me an ablation, which unfortunately failed however they did diagnose endometriosis and fibroids. For the past year I had bled every week, sometimes one day, others for 7. I was exhausted, I went back to the specialist and she agreed it was time for a hysterectomy. I was beyond grateful as I had already made my mind up that this was what I wanted.

I had my hysterectomy 4 weeks ago and I feel amazing, with the exception of a damaged bladder (it was repaired before op was over) and recovery pain and tiredness. Once the op was over my uterus was sent to histology and the results came back last week, I had adenomyosis, something no one had mentioned, I didn’t even know what it was. Thanks to the hysterectomy association I do.

I suppose what I wanted to share was the hoops that I had to jump to get where I needed to be. I wonder if they had given me the hysterectomy at 32 instead of 39 would the adenomyosis have got as bad, would the pain have been easier and would I feel more like me? These I suppose are questions I will never know.


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