Cannot recognise this person – Paula’s story

Well, it all began with a routine smear test march 2013 and a polyp was found. After having a ultrasound scan and booked in for day surgery for removal of polyp and biopsy in April 2013, back to my doctor told everything all right, so I get on with my life unaware that things where not right.

About July 2014 had a slight discharge went back to doctor’s another ultrasound scan which show 3 polyps in the womb. An appointment was made with a consultant who found my notes from 2013 only to apologise that I had been overlooked, so another removal of polyps and biopsy on day surgery.

A few weeks later in sitting with my husband again with consultant only to be told it atypical hyperplasia and grade 1 cancer of the womb. Then it was go have your holiday and come back to have total abdominal hysterectomy booked for 30th October 2014.

The recovery in hospital was like it was happening to someone else not me. It was a slow run up to Christmas and in January this year started my work again as beauty therapist working from home.

But there is a big but with me, I have slowly got worse over these last 9 months where I can not walk very far or even up a slight hill, or even up my stairs with out going up like a child. My muscles in my legs are thin, they do not held me up very well and I have fallen now 4 time as my left leg gives way.

I am losing weight with a bad back ache. I have had blood test, all negative results, had ultrasound scan to see if fluid trapped. Just seen a physiotherapist who does not know what is wrong; I am a mystery to him, so he referred me back to my doctor. My husband and myself are now at our wits end with what is wrong with me. The consultant said the operation was a good result as far he was concerned.

Before this operation I was a healthy 58 year old who ran, cycled and walked miles, a very active gardener and carer for mum. A person who ran their own business doing beauty therapy, which involved massage which I cannot do, or any mobile work as can not lift much. My business is suffering with this health problem. I do not know this person any more, I just hope there is a answer out there, as everything takes weeks with test and appointment on waiting list, so it looks like we will have to go private with a consultant to get things moving quicker.


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