Best thing ever … so far … – Janette’s Story

I started my periods age 10 and no probs with them. Went on pill at 16 and was on that for 12 years non stop until I wanted a baby. I tried for 2 years and had lots of infertility investigations. Eventually 🙂 I did conceive and had a son 21 years ago by C/S I was very ill after spending 5 days on life support following a problem with the anaesthetic.

I have had several abnormal smear tests and had laser treatment and cone biopsy. I had continued to have problems with periods on and off since then having tried the medications which worked but made me feel drunk and not myself at all.I tried a coil but didn’t get on with that either.

This year I have had 2 separate month long really heavy and painful periods which resulted in me becoming severely anaemic requiring iron transfusions and I got to the point where I had had enough.I had to have various other blood tests, investigations and procedures to eliminate other causes of anaemia.

I then had a gynae consult and a uterine biopsy. He agreed that a laparoscopic hysterectomy was the way forward. I was very wary not because of op and relief it would give me, but the anaesthetic due to past problems, I met with the consultant anaesthetist who reassured me so I was given a date of 21-12-12.

Although not ideal being on top of Christmas I accepted the date as hubby off for 10 days from work anyway so no extra help would be needed.

However the biopsy was abnormal, I was told on the 13th Nov and had op on 14th so was in shock understandably so. It all went very well, I tried to be positive and think of the benefits thinking 2013 was going to be MY year.

I came home on 16th Nov and have been pleasantly surprised by how *well* I feel. I miss not being able to sleep on tummy ( too sore ), I miss walking my doggie, I miss having a bath.I have been given different timescales for these things to re-commence….

On the plus side I lost 5lbs post-op and the pain and bleeding is MUCH BETTER than what I had been suffering. Hoping to continue to improve this way and wishing everyone else well with their operation and recovery.


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