A difficult pregnancy led to my hysterectomy – Clare’s Story

I became pregnant with my 3rd child in September 2003 and I was 40. Our delight soon turned to concern when I was told I had placenta previa grade IV and would not have a natural birth as I’d had before. I would have to have a c-section as my placenta had implanted right at my cervix. They had hoped it would grow up and move but it didnt. Worse still I was told I must go into hospital 2 months before I was due incase of a serious bleed. So I spent 8 weeks sitting in hospital waiting for the c-section which I was dreading.

The day arrived and I was 1st up at 8am. General anesthetic and 8 hours later and i was still in recovery as I was continually bleeding and bleeding and losing alot of blood. Eventually they got it to stop but I was very unwell. A few days later I went home but my time there had completely traumatised me – not only for the length i had been in hospital but the stressful birth.

Then started a period for 4 years! Yes, I bled continually for 4 years, I had all kinds of treatment, procedures, medication, everything but it wouldnt stop. It was then my consultant said I had to have a full hysterecomy.

So the following week I had my op, but bearing in mind my complete trauma the last time I had been in hospital I was a complete nervous wreck.

The nurses were very kind, but in my head it was complete terror. It ended up in me not being about to be anethetised in a gentle way !! but anyway I would have got up and run off if I hadnt had the silly gown on!

Woke up in HDU where I had great care from the nurses but was very unwell as a GA makes me very sick. 2 days later and I was still being sick – but was feeling much better.

A week later and I was home and recovering slowly. It took a while to feel better physically but 4 years on and I believe it was the right thing. I started on hrt but eventually came off it.

The thing with having a hysterecomy is you sort of crash straight into menopause not the gradual, natural one like most ladies. Hot flushes are a pain but manageable. I’d recommend this op to anyone even though I had a difficult time – looking back it was the right thing to do.


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