A difficult few weeks, haematoma after hysterectomy – Caroline’s Story

I had a front and back pelvic repair and my womb removed 11/11/13. I went home 4 days later feeling really unwell, SO tired, was told I needed to take 3 iron tablets a day due to having a low blood count. After 5 days my urine was cloudy, I was in agony passing wind or trying to have a bowel movement. I was put on antibiotics for a urine infection for 5 days.

Two days after antibiotics had finished I couldn’t pass urine, in agony I went to hospital. For a whole week I was on antibiotics as had temperature peaks, had a catheter, after 7 days I was sent for a ultra scan that showed fluid in my pelvic area. I had a haematoma due to a bleed where my womb had been taken away. The doctor wanted to drain it, so the stitches were removed so I started to get discharge as the old blood started to drain. That in itself was to cause problems, so still had a catheter so as not to cause another bladder infection.

After 11 days in hospital with strong antibiotics by drip, it was decided I could go home as my blood results were healthy, as they should be, so home I went with 10 days oral antibiotics. I have been told the haematoma should be desolved by my body if I’m healthy, I have to go for another ultra scan in a few weeks to see if it has reduced. I feel these weeks have taken away my confidence. I cry all the time, I hate my body. Is this a normal reaction to what I’ve been through.


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