5 weeks to go to hysterectomy! – Donna’s Story

Hi, my name is Donna and I am 40 years old, married with two beautiful girls aged 13 & 9..and here is my story so far…As long as I can remember, I have always had heavy periods.. After having my first daughter, they got worse but being a woman I just got on with it. A few months after having daughter no.2 I noticed that I was feeling discomfort (more then usual) at ovulation. The years went on and the pain became a lot worse while on my period.. Sometimes unable to get out of bed without falling onto my knees on the floor and crawling round the room.

In February this year I went to my GP to say enough was enough.. I wanted to be referred. They had already tried me on tablets and they didn’t work. I mentioned the word endometriosis but it was brushed aside. I went for a scan in may and they found a 8.4cm cyst on my right ovary so I was told I’d have a laparoscopy… Just before this procedure last week I had another scan which showed cysts on my other ovary and some in my cervix.

When I awoke from the laparoscopy I was told that I have severe endometriosis and would have to have a full hysterectomy in a few weeks… I’m booked in on 6th November… I have mixed feelings. I’ve cried, been angry, explained it to my girls, read a lot of info. And am still very confused!!

My hubby is feeling low at the mo.. I think he is concerned about “us” afterwards.. I’m finding this really hard at the moment as I feel I can not say all my worries.. I know he is only worried because he loves me and after 20 years together he’s worried about our closeness.

I don’t feel to worried about the operation.. It’s the recovery side. I’m too independent to sit indoors watching Jeremy Kyle all day!! Lol

So.. Here’s to the next 5 weeks and one more period!! (Surely that’s worth a party!!!) Any advice on recovery would be fantastic…. Thank you x


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