3 Months Post-Op Hysterectomy – Shea’s Story

This hysterectomy has been a journey and a half, I was anxious about the surgery and had a few complications but overall went well. I’m still experiencing some pain and burning in my stomach and have very little sex drive as it feels totally different for myself and husband. He’s very understanding and doesn’t pressure me he makes me feel very comfortable however I will be scheduling an appointment with my ob/gyn due to my husband experiencing piercing and being a little uncomfortable.

I’ve be hospitalized 1 1/2 months post opt due to having blood clots that currently I’m being treated for and it’s a never ending battle. I would say getting a hysterectomy was the best option for me but now I feel as though it’s caused more harm than good. Recovery was great but 3 months post-op I’m not feeling as I used to feel prior to the surgery. No energy, lack of sex drive, over all pure exhaustion. However I’m a fighter and so is my husband so we will find our groove and make a new track so I’m feeling hopeful.


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