29 Quick Remedies for Relieving Constipation After Hysterectomy

A few years ago I asked the Facebook ladies if they could share what they had used for relieving constipation after hysterectomy and I’d like to share there various answers here with you. This is not an exhaustive list, and it doesn’t mean that everything suggested here will work for everyone, but with a bit of trial and effort you should find a solution if you are having this problem. They are not in any particular order – just as I picked them up off Facebook.

  1. Colts foot rock. Get it at old fashioned sweet shops.
  2. Kiwi fruit smoothie, curries, fibre
  3. Punes and prune juice
  4. Over the counter citrus nitrate
  5. Milk of Magnesia every other day.
  6. Lactulose, tastes like liquid sugar but it works.
  7. Eat loads of veg
  8. Eat two – three pears daily
  9. Plain cooked beetroot
  10. Extra dose of vitamin magnesium
  11. Peppermint tea and ginger tea at night
  12. One kiwi fruit
  13. Movacol to get things moving and then had branflakes and fruit everyday
  14. Ducloease at night to soften stools
  15. Smooth Move tea if you can get it from a health food shop
  16. Plenty of fruit and high bran cereals
  17. Short walk even around the home as it helps to move things along
  18. Prunes and hot water bottle on tummy
  19. Aloe Vera capsules
  20. Senna tablets
  21. Liquorice alsorts
  22. Oranges
  23. Cut out all gluten & wheat which can help you stop feeling sluggish too
  24. Tangerine and hot cup of tea
  25. Nibble on dried prunes or dried apricots
  26. Peppermint water, but you may need to find a compounding chemist to make it
  27. Peppermint tea helps relieve gas too
  28. Prunes and grapefruit for breakfast every morning

And finally, the Hysterectomy Cocktail is what you might be given in hospital: Warm Water, peppermint oil and 2 dissolving painkillers. Apparently it’s horrible but it works.

It’s also worth bearing in mind though that paracetamol can make things worse, so try a different pain relief if you are using it.

I just wanted to say thanks to: Jen, Margaret, Lavine, Betty, Sherry, Christine, Glen, Emma, Vlasta, Jennifer, Erryl, Alyson, Jane, Mandy, Nikki, Darlene, Charmain, Rachel, Holly, Lisa, Jenny, Catherine, Andrea, Sarah, Audrey, Julie W, Tessa, Alex, Debbie J, Markelle, Debbie B, Julie E and Kaye for their suggestions and comments.

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