My 18 Day Bleeding Nightmare – Raylene’s Story

I am 41 years of age and and two years ago I was diagnosed with endometriosis after having tubal litigation on the 1st July 2011. I suffered with severe lower back, leg and abdominal pain and heavy periods for three years. I tried treatments of Provera tablets and the Mirena coil to see if the symptoms would disappear. After enduring severe pain for years and see my gyno we decided that a total hysterectomy would be my final option.

So, on the 6th June 2014 I underwent surgery. The surgery was a success with five small laparascopic incisions, I still had my ovaries remaining. I was informed by my gyno that there was no endometrial tissue present during surgery but my uterus was double to three times the size of a normal uterus.

On my second day of surgery I complained of lung pain and informed my doctors that I was coughing up blood and requested an x-ray, my doctor put it down as an effect of the gas used in surgery. Day three post op I was discharged home with no pain tablets, blood thinners or antibiotics.

I went to my doctor on the fifth day complaining of this persistent lung pain, my doctor advised me that I may have a clot in my lung and sent me to have a VQ scan the following day in a regional town as my home town does not have those medical facilities available. The next day it was confirmed that I had two fresh blood clots in my right lung. I was hospitalized again on the 12th June where I had began Warfarin and Clexane to dissolve the clots.

I was so furious that the doctor did not listen to my complaints on the second day post surgery. The following day I was transferred back to my remote country town hospital where my iron blood levels needed to be stabilized to dissolve the blood clots and prevent further clotting. While still in hospital on the 19th of June I started to heavily bleed and pass large clots, I was very concerned.

On the 22nd I was transferred back by ambulance to my rural hospital as the bleeding was now moderate and abnormal. On admission at my rural hospital it was discovered after examination that a small blood vessel had ruptured in my pelvis and the bleeding was coming from there. My body was naturally trying to stop the moderate bleeding by clotting my blood although I was on blood thinners. The hospital immediately stopped the blood thinners and applied a pressure bandage to the erupted blood vessel to stop the bleeding. A catheter was also inserted as having surgery to burn the blood vessel was a high risk for me with a high possibility of bleeding to death in surgery.

They advised me to contact my immediate family members and inform them of the possibility if the pressure bandage did not stop the bleeding. After three days of not being able to leave the bed due to risk of severe bleeding and not being able to shower, only sponge baths, the pressure bandage was removed aided by six doctors beside my bed. I was very nervous and scared as I did not know what the outcome was going to be.

It took another three days for the moderate bleed and clotting to slow down. By now I was extremely exhausted and pale due to the moderate blood loss my haemoglobin was 91 and my iron level was 3. The first few days I got up to shower I almost fainted and was very weak. On the 26th of June I was released again from hospital. Then at my six week check up it was confirmed that I had adenomyosis. I have had loose bowel problems since and haemorriods with a fissure. Its now two months post op and I am feeling 80% better.


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