1 week post op full hysterectomy and feeling good – Linda’s Story

Hi all. It’s 9 days since I had my full hysterectomy op (uterus and cervix) removal for prolapsed uterus. The symptoms pre op were really frustrating as although I didn’t have pain or bleeding and my monthly cycle was regular, I constantly felt like my womb was falling and it restricted my day to day activities. At 47 I really didn’t want to carry on with this feeling anymore as it was affecting my day to day life.

I was put in touch with a fantastic surgeon who put my mind at ease and had my operation for hysterectomy and repair on the 30 April. WOW recovering at home and feeling pretty good already. I am taking it easy but already looking forward to a new lease of life without the restrictions of prolapse.

This site gave me support pre-op and now if my story can support and encourage other that would be great. No looking back, just forward to a more enjoyable fun life. Hope this helps 🙂


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